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An Alternate Route Home

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

We are always talking about visualization.

We are always talking about visualization, visualize your dreams, be specific and tap into how it makes you feel. Create a vision board with pictures of your dreams and look at it every day with the feeling as if you had already achieved it. Know it will manifest! Even in the Bible there is a verse (NLV) in Mark chapter 11:24 “you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you've received it, it will be yours.” Science supports this too. Pictures and feelings are how the brain programs our 'hard drive' so let's program it with intention! RIGHT?! Well what do you do when circumstances arise that, even though you are certain of your intentions, that clearly say you need to go a different direction?

I went through an experience that initially, honestly, had me confused about this truth. Ultimately it showed me that with the right intention, trust and integrity, even if life experiences appear to be taking you down a road in the opposite direction of your dreams, proved that if you stay in your faith and knowingness you will achieve your dreams. Let me share it with you....

I had a specific dream that I resonated strongly with. Meaning, I felt FANTASTIC every time I saw it in my mind. The challenge was I couldn't see the how. My current situation didn't support my dream. Finances, time line, long term relationships and frankly just making smart business decisions were all blocks to my dream. It wasn't the first time I had experienced a similar scenario so I put my chin strap on and held onto my boots, as Dr Morter once said to me, and I trusted my instincts to stay focused on my dream. Then life threw a couple curve balls and I was in a position where I had to make a choice between my dream and a different opportunity in a very short period of time. I didn't like that feeling at all. I got in my head trying to figure it out. Constantly comparing the pros and cons, which isn't a bad thing, but doing it from a bad feeling place, FEAR, fear of making the wrong choice IS bad. I felt backed into a corner. I knew what to do now.

I stepped back into my faith and knowingness. I let go of any expectations no matter what the outcome was, this is key, because regardless of the choice I made it ultimately ended at manifesting my dream just one that was a different version of it. So I went down the road that appeared to be going in the opposite direction. There were several action steps on this journey that required me to either act toward my dream or away from it. Every single time my gut dictated to go away from it. So what was I to do? I went away from it. Those action steps were honoring all the blocks I mentioned before, finances, time line, and relationships. I trusted my instincts knowing the best thing for me would be the end result. And it did. Every one of those action steps that lead me away from my dream actually was just taking me on a different route. This re-routing served a bigger picture that I couldn't see. The truth is my dream involved other people. Those people needed this experience to make their own choices in life toward their dreams. The universe was serving all of us so our paths would cross at just the right time. WOW! I trusted my feeling and let go of the how and any attachment to the outcome and by doing so I made new relationships that are a win/win, realized a greater potential and maintained my integrity by serving my instincts, my relationships and ultimately living my dream.

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