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Ch ch ch changes

Fall 2019

As fall begins change is in the air. These are expected and welcomed changes as we all look forward to cooler weather, football and upcoming holidays. I have experienced many changes in my life during this journey and I know without a doubt there will be many many more. I have learned to embrace them, even look forward to change. It does take effort to balance fear with faith during times of change, more importantly to stay aware of where you are between the two.

First of all accept that you can not have one without the other, they work together like Yin and Yang. We tend to judge fear as negative and faith as positive. In BEST technique we balance polarization of energy in the body to promote healing. If we are spending more time in one or the other we are out of balance and a SEMO can be created. A SEMO is Subconscious Emotional Memory Override. This is when conscious thoughts, memories, and emotions override the body's perfect intelligence by forcing it to respond to a situation that is really NOT life threatening but signals survival mode to believe it be so. This is GOOD. If we did not have this capability our life expectancy would be much shorter and or quality of life less than desirable without hope of improvement. The hardest part is balancing our knowingness with our consciousness to keep the SEMO formation to a minimum.

Knowingness is Faith based. Consciousness is fear based. We need both to maneuver through life. Keeping them in balance makes life enjoyable, completing the whole experience. If we stayed in 100% knowingness then we would not need to have a physical experience because there would be no lesson to learn. If we stayed in 100% consciousness we can't learn because we would be paralyzed by fear trying to control everything, Survival mode. Now the question arises where between faith and fear do we want to be? I will use the Ph scale as an example. We teach in MHS that our ideal Ph is 7.4 – 7.6 on a scale of 0-14. This is just slightly alkaline with 7.0 being neutral. Let's call the scale between faith and fear our emotion scale and each mark is a feeling. 0 would be like a rock, very low vibration and almost no ability to change. 14 would be source equivalent, God like, highest vibration. So as we are rockin on in life, doing our thing, on a day to day basis we want to be just slightly over the middle to the faith side. Meaning our radar is in good shape by being close enough to the fear side to sense change right as it begins so we can stay in awareness. This is the 'sweet spot'.

Depending on the nature of the change it could go either way. If it is a desired change like a goal coming to fruition it is easy to feel elation, joy, and accomplishment sliding to 10 or 12 on the emotion scale. If it is unexpected change or threatens to change the current direction in life down what we “think” is an undesirable path it is just as easy to slide toward fear and feel uncertainty, anger, indecision and self sabotage. If we are in the 'sweet spot' we have just the right combination of knowingness with conscious thought to make a plan, ask questions and create enough protection from harm while still looking for the Win Win in the situation for all involved. If not, we can slide too far from faith and our conscious thought will take over allowing judgment to prevail ignoring the separation from source awareness. In this scenario we are at a very low vibration maybe 3-5 on the emotion scale and we miss the opportunity to learn the lesson and move on in life. We get stuck in this low vibration making it harder to feel our knowingness. This is an example of a SEMO. This will attract more of the same type of low vibration experiences, but that is exactly how it is suppose to work! Yin and Yang. Eventually the lesson is learned and balance returns. The point is to understand this balance and have a great foundation in place so you don't get stuck in a SEMO. A daily routine to reset your emotion scale back to the 'sweet spot' could include Morter March, journal, be in service, and be open to change because it all happens for us. In the words of David Bowie “The tide changes but never leaves the stream. Turn and face the strange."

- Dr. Shannon Brown, D.C.

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