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Live in Congruence With What?

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Live in congruence with my dreams, goals, family, career? Of course, but being able to do this requires a deeper, bigger picture.

Every time I think about this statement ' live in congruence ' A distinct audio plays in my head of Dr. Morter stating, with VIGOR, “You have to be as dumb as a tree!” Evidently my subconscious linked the two together so lets determine why. As Dr. Morter would explain a tree does not think. A tree does not ponder where its nourishment or water will come from. It does not fear the change in seasons. The tree just knows. We are divinely made, same as the tree. The only difference between us and a tree is our conscious thought. And we rely on that ability all too often.

Our conscious thought, or ego, leads us away from our knowingness, that direct connection to the source that created us. Let's call it that gut feeling. We need to learn to use our ego as it was intended, as a tool, not as a wall to hide behind. Our ego is part of why we are here. A tool to guide, but not designed to be in control. We are still able to decide when to use it, IF we stay in a state of awareness and listen to that gut feeling. Once we experience a threatening circumstance then we tend to let the ego take over. Ego is Latin for “I” so it separates us from the power that made us in fear from trying to avoid another threatening circumstance to happen.

We must learn to be the tree. Start every day in stillness and reconnect to the awareness of our knowingness, that gut feeling is what keeps us true to who we really are. That feeling should always be in control and we should always be tuned in to it. Living congruent with that feeling, without allowing ego to judge it, is how we find harmony, agreement, and unity with our dreams, goals, family and career. True peace and happiness.

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